It’s that time of the year. Yes, IT has started to sink in.  Two letters make up such a small word, but still manage to hold so much meaning. Which IT am I referring to, you might be pondering, lightly scratching your chin.  This IT, is the amount of time I have left in America and it’s finally starting to really sink in. The ‘holy shit’ moment if you will. Holy shit, check out that snow. Holy shit, it’s cold. Holy shit, I need to get packing. Holy shit, I’m not going to stroll down this street for two years. Holy shit, my life is going to change forever, again. Getting my travel itinerary from SATO definitely started the snowball down the mountain. Although I’ve been actively avoiding dealing with it by doing other things, like having a Dexter marathon or rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time.  Great use of your time Erin. Then when it’s 2:18 am the morning that you leave, you can think back to those nice languid moments of rewatching Dexter and hanging out with Harry and co.  (In my defense, I had a freak attack of strep throat which incapacitated me for three days, but who’s counting?)  Instead of putting myself into action, I choose to cruise the Group 123 discussion boards on Facebook and read about what everyone else does, you know, to ‘get ideas.’ Oh my dear old friend Procrastination, I know we took a break after college, but I’m sorry I still don’t want to get back together. It’s not me, it’s you. With the imminent arrival of my dear older brother on Friday, I try to tell myself that I’ll get everything done before he gets here.  And then Bill Bryson’s new book catches my eye, so I burrow down in my freshly laundered sheets (because I did actually take the time to do that) to be At Home with one of my all time favorite authors.  Maybe now that IT has hit and I can see the snowball multiplying it’s size, I’ll start to get my act together.  I think I’ll go start a list or two…..


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