Every major flight in my life, I've been seated on the right side on the wing.....so weird


Life in three bags or less

Ciao 'burgh!

First things first, I hate Philadelphia. I already had a minor prejudice against it and then I had to deal with the hot mess that is the weather/airport.  Made it here though finally.  I finally got butterflies in my stomach as I was leaving Pittsburgh.  It’s still not completely real. I’m not sure when it ever will be.  Maybe after a few weeks of training, I’ll realize ‘oh yeah, I’m not going to be back in the ‘burgh for awhile, weird.’ Staging was many things. Exciting, dull, full of activities, necessary, a gut check, nerve-wracking, informative, kind of fun.  I can only imagine what we must seem like to the Peace Corps staff.  We’re all so fresh and bright and full of enthusiasm and life.  Tomorrow is going to be long, long, long. 14 hours from JFK to Tokyo, 7 more hours from Tokyo to Bangkok, then an hour bus ride to our training site.  Fingers crossed for an emergency exit row seating again, that saved my life last time.  Early morning departure tomorrow though, so I’m off to catch up on my lack of sleep yesterday (a whole whopping hour and a half).



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