Sorry my little blogettes, all five of you that actually read this. Training has, predictably, gotten busy. Insert excuses here. After we finally swear in, I should be better. Know this, I’ve passed my language test with flying colors, the training staff has recommended me for service, and I have just one more interview before the big day. The 21st is oh so soon and everyone is obscenely excited about it. Baller. Expect some love after the 21st!!


3 thoughts on “Apologies.

  1. Cuzo!!! I miss you but it is good to hear you are doing well. Joanna and I send our best. Have you received any letters from me? I was hoping to mail you a journal for you to write in. I understand you have been super busy which helps I’m sure. I guess I am member number 6 now to your wed blob thingy. LOL Well back to work but i will keep posting comments on here. Be safe and have fun.

    Love Jimmy

    • Yes I got your letters! I totally forgot to respond and tell you that. I have a new address though now and will get it out as soon as possible! Miss you guys too, thanks for the support! I can’t explain how much it means to know you’ve got people on the other side of the ocean that are on your side!

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