Video killed the radio star.

This is the video that made me tear up at swearing in. I know, I’m such a freak. The end is a real killer though, especially given our circumstances at the time.


One thought on “Video killed the radio star.

  1. Freak?… I wouldnt use such a harsh word. LOL Weird for sure but not freak. LOL That was a cool little video. It really sounds like everything is going so well for you out there. Thanks for the great stories. I’m glad you have some sort of communication out there with all of us back home. I have been updating Joanna on all of your latest adventures. So have you run into any scary looking bugs out there? You know you are the fresh white meat out there and I heard those bugs really love you. LOL Just Kidding… unless its true. LOL

    So the proposal is all set for Santa Cruz in about a week and a half… April 16th. I picked up the ring about a week ago and I just got it all insured because we all know how clumpsy Joanna can be and I want to make sure if, I mean when, something happens, the ring will be covered. I believe there will be about 50 or so family and friends taking the trip up to Santa Cruz to surprise her. I have been planning all of this for too long so lets just hope everyone can stay quiet for another week and a half. LOL That is a big challenge, especially with her family. LOL

    So what is the best thing you have ate out there. I know you and I both love food so I’m sure there has been some interesting options out there. Has there been anything you just refuse to try? I know you are not that closed minded but maybe spider or animal testicals is just not your thing. LOL

    I’m loving all your posts on here and I hope you keep it going. Joanna and I are going to wait until you get a more perminate address before sending you the journal. Oh funny story time!!! So my mom text me asking what kind of Notebook computer I was planning on buying you. Notebook Computer??? My thoughts as well. I cant even afford one for myself let alone someone who has one and is in another country like yourself. LOL I had to explain it was a journal/notebook to write in not a computer since you already have access to one. LOL It was funny.

    Well back to work. I miss you cuz and I cant want to have your out here again. Be safe and if you ever feel down, shoot me a message.

    Love ya

    Jimmy Clouse

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