Sorry for the lack of legit updates this week. Not much is going on around ‘town’ lately, but lots have been going on in my head (mostly I’m just too lazy to get them out of my head though). As someone told me in an email, ‘You’d be surprised, how busy one can be doing nothing,’ I know exactly what they mean. There was a neighborhood Thai-napping that I’ll be making a video of, but in all honesty, I’ve been catching up on TV I’ve missed out on for the past four months (somehow it feels much, much longer than that). This should all change very quickly as I’m leaving to go to Krabi today for five days-ish and school starts the day after I get back. Should supply endless entertainment. And by endless I mean something new and exciting to keep me busy for about a week. Hey, that feels endless to me.

I’ll leave you with a quote that my host Mom in Ayutthaya cracked me up with when I went to visit this past weekend. A tuk tuk driver is going by and, in seeing a farang, pins all his hopes and dreams in swindling some cash out of the poor sucker that doesn’t know a thing. Not that I know much, but enough to know how to reject these poor souls. Don’t worry, Meh took care of it. I wish I had a video clip.

‘No, No! I mai bpai gap you!!!’

She looked at me and said, Americans would understand me right?

No Meh, no they would not.


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