Five Things Keeping Me Sane

Or in other words, dancing around like a fool.  Something about jamming around your room with headphones blasting and a hair brush mic is the equivalent to an immediate endorphin rush. Not sure if it’s from my basketball pre-game days, but something about it gets me pumped. Another video example, if you didn’t already get the point from the Easy A video. Notice how she starts off slow before going into full flailing arm, head bobbing form. This is me, except without an interruption so it lasts longer. I now use the technique when getting ready to teach and keeping myself…

Or giggling manically. Don’t try to deny it, you know what I’m talking about. The attacks of exhaustion, weariness, or  plain old ridiculousness and the slightest thing takes you off into the land of side-cramping, tears rolling down your face, cheeks painful laughter. This usually happens after one of my dance offs (vs. myself) and as I remember it throughout the day, I smile a little grin of satisfaction stemming from my own silliness.

Smiles from these guys help too!


Connecting to the outside world
Whether through friends from home, fellow PCVers, or news media (which I’ve been craving immensely lately and I can’t figure out why, I never kept up with things before), it reminds me who I am when I’m not an alien plopped down in a village in rural Thailand. Things I didn’t realize, the Governator had a love child (WTF?), celebrity pregnancies like Pink and a bunch of other people I don’t really remember, and Obama apparently took an obscene amount of staff to the recent G20 summit. This reminds me that I should be trying to remain a functioning member of society, even while in the middle of Thailand.

Someone told me once in PST, ‘thank you for being a writer.’ I never thought of myself as such before, but outside of college, this is the most writing I’ve ever done in my life. From writing in my journal, cranking out these lovely little tastes of village life, to lesson plans and thoughts about them afterwards, I think these are going to be two well documented years.

Confidence in Life
All the crazy  things about my school, life here in my community, the ups and downs, I know it will get better. For all the headaches, worries, and doubts I have, I know my community will progress. I know my life will improve as I spend more time here. I know that my students are going to learn from me. I know that my teachers will witness that. I know that my teachers will start to enjoy teaching again. I know we will start working together to make our schools a better place. How do I know this will happen? Because I know me.


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