Tuesday Travel Photo

It’s been a full week since my last post which I don’t think even really counts as it was just another photo. Just another week of reconnect and should be back on the writing train. Another Volunteer and I are cowriting a doozy of a blog, I’m looking forward to the backlash already. Anyway though, some background about this week’s photo. In honor of uh-mur-rik-ga’s birthday yesterday, I narrowed it down to somewhere from home. I’m missing out on a family wedding this weekend, so that brought me to a Pennsylvania photo. Now Altoona, Pennsylvania might not seem like the most travel-worthy destination (it’s not really), but one thing it does have is the Horseshoe Curve. One of my Grammy’s favorite things in the world is to ride the train in mid-October when all the leaves are turning and you can see the whole valley from the train’s window. If you’re ever in the Western Pennsylvania area and have some time, take a little train ride out into the ‘countryside.’ Without any further ado, here’s this week’s photo.

Not the best quality photo, but a good shot of the leaves just starting to change....because there are actual seasons in America!


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