Random Thoughts During an Average Day

A little list of things that pop up in my brain, sometimes more often than once a day.

1. Why do Thai people think they should correct me on my pronunciation (of English words)?

2. What did I just agree to attend?

3. Why does he (host father) think I’m going to magically like fried fish? I think I might puke.

4. What’s the point of soap (when the water you rinse with is brown)?

5. WE LEARNED THIS ALREADY YOU RETARDS!!! (when I’m frustrated with my students)

6. I love their (my students’) faces.

7. Is she (coteacher) speaking Thai or English right now?

8. Why do they deny simple logic? Does logic just not exist here?

9. What language (Laos or Thai, it’s hard to tell sometimes) are they speaking right now?

Lastly, the one that crosses my mind the most…

10. God Thai people are fucking nuts, why do I love them so much?


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