Tuesday Travel Photo

Another Oregon photo and quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in the entirety of my travels. Crater Lake National Park is a must-see for anyone that lives or visits the United States. Over time, snowmelt and rain collected in the crater to form the lake, which at 1,949 feet deep, is presently the deepest in the USA, 2nd in North America, and 9th in the world. With no outside water source except from snow and rain, the water maintains this phenomenal shade of blue. I went on a five-mile, steep hike with my Aunt and Uncle for amazing views like this. I even saw snow piles…in August. After visiting some of the west coast National Parks, I realized how much more of America I need to see. Click here for more information about Crater Lake from WikiTravel.

It's hard to believe this color blue exists in nature


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel Photo

  1. Crater lake is wonderful, and there are lots of great places to camp next to it. Best part though? On the way from I-5 there’s a place called Union Creek with and adorable homey cafe called Becky’s.

  2. I plan on someday returning there and will definitely check out Becky’s. There’s nothing better than a breakfast at cafe, especially after a few days camping!

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