My Life in Numbers

1.) Days I’ll have taught this past/this week: 2 (If I’m lucky)

2.) Books I’ve read since last Thursday: 5

3.) Podcasts I downloaded since discovering their awesomeness this weekend: 150

4.) Days I’ll be the head judge of my school group’s English competition: 2

5.) Number of mosquito bites: 15 (This is good)

6.) Amount of meals I’ve cooked for myself in Thailand thus far: 1 (Pasta, on Saturday, WITH CHEESE!)

7.) Days since I’ve escaped site and had farang time: 43

8.) Number of dollars that I should make more, per inch, as a taller than average person: $789 (meaning I’m supposed to make, on a yearly average, $5,525 more than someone who is 5’5, check out Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink for more information).

9.) Number of days I’ve been in Thailand: 238

10.) Days left in Thailand: (roughly) 561


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