Your Thailand vs. My Thailand

You might have heard that Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ for the friendliness of the people. When I was in Krabi, I overheard tourists mentioning how great the service was here and how happy Thais were to help. This was one of the many times I’ve chuckled about the lack of knowledge about Thai culture and in this instance, what I want to point out is, Thai people aren’t always happy when they smile. Luckily, Volunteers have learned to interpret the subtle differences and often get some of the best ones in the world. There’s nothing quite like it.

Do you think she's really that happy to see you?


After an afternoon with their Volunteer, these guys are more than content with the world

I couldn’t help myself, I needed to add more than one. These smiles are the type that make my little PCV world go round.

The scout uniforms just makes them cuter

My People

They were jumping for joy...literally, on top of each other to get into this shot

She's supposed to keep a straight poker face, but Tammy's student couldn't help but crack a smile

I know I've posted this picture before, but it's too adorable to not add in

Yes that's my hand, I never knew I could stir this kind of reaction from people before this photo

Last, but most certainly not least…

The Bamboo Guy...this is my picture of true happiness


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