Friday Five

Five Things I Miss About America

Never, ever again will I take my comfort foods for granted again: the ease of getting it, the vast abundance, and the taste…oh the taste. My Thai friends try to tell me it’s plain, but I’d rather have a plain cheese pizza ten times out of ten over the spicy, fried non-sense they want me to devour. A list: milk, dairy products, pizza, pasta, good bread, RF’s cooking, Mom’s cooking, cheese, oh cheese, bread and cheese, desserts, cheesecake, cookies, brownies, anything from an oven, a grilled chicken Cesar salad, a Cesar wrap, tacos, a cheeseburger, ranch dressing, pancakes with my Grandmother…get the picture? Just hearing people describe what they’re eating back home or watching a tv show in which people are eating and my mouth waters at an embarrassing rate.

Seriously, I can feel my heartbeat accelerating...

Knowing What’s Going On
Not just with daily activities, because they don’t really tell me ahead of time, but in the world and the gossip of the people surrounding me. Part of that is a lack of familiarity and history with people, places, and the culture, I know one thing, I wish I could boost up on the kitchen counter and get the latest from my Mom while she makes one of the old favorites.

This is me on a daily basis in Thailand, except I'm much more awkward.

Speaking of my Mom, it would be really nice to have her around. With summertime (in the US) being the reunion time and people in my family starting to get married, it was a bit rough roasting in Thailand all on my lonesome. And don’t even get me started on missing out on the things I could be doing with my normal fellow twenty-somethings. And RF. I know I signed up for this, but I would give anything for just an easy day at home with loved ones…eating of course.

Don't they look happy to see each other? I wonder who they are?

Obvious Fact: Thailand is fucking hot. While rainy season has kept things a little cooler, I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I wasn’t looking forward to cold season. I’ve heard rumors of sweaters, scarves, and wearing your hair down. Rumor mill, you know how to stir my innermost longings to the forefront of my conscience. I know I profess to be a summer girl, but I think in my heart of hearts, autumn has captured it. Is there anything better than pulling a blanket over your legs on crisp fall evening while you eat a homemade brownie sundae with vanilla ice cream just starting to melt… wait, this is the weather section. Damn you taste buds!

The outdoors, where you should be seeing in, from indoors, preferably while eating delicious food.

Something about walking down the street without parting the Thai people sea is really appealing to me. To not be an ‘other’ but just another six footer in the crowd (yeah I have problems fitting in) for just a day would work restorative powers that Houdini would envy. I know one day I’ll miss having the spotlight shining bright on me, but at this moment, it would be nice to be in the audience rather than left alone on the stage ‘performing’ (aka living my daily life) entertainment for hundreds of people.

You know that moment the model falls on the catwalk and everyone's attention is snapped over to witness her fall from grace? That's me, except heels are not necessary.


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