Just a Few FYIs

Though Thailand is going through some of the worst flooding in its history, my site is perfectly fine. Despite the brutal bike rides, this is one positive I can’t overlook in the site placement arrangements. Our host families in Ayutthaya though, are not quite as lucky. Some people have as much as four feet of water in their homes, cannot leave, and are living on the second floor on their homes, if they have one. Some people are crying out for the government to do something and unhappy with the response to flood preparation. Check out this article for more information about the complaints. It would be great if the Thai government were more prepared for this disaster, but then you have to get Thai people behind it too. With their live in the moment attitude and letting problems roll off of their backs, would the government be able to motivate people to change?

Picture from the article link above, the unfortunate scene for many central Thais, though she has a smile on her face!

Stole this photo from another Volunteer, kids always find the best part about every situation everywhere in the world

TGI-Bpit Term or close term if you want to get technical. This semester is over and with a month-long break, the blog might be going on hiatus for a weekish here. I’d tell you the itinerary, but I’m following advice from an article to avoid random stalkers showing up (hahahaha), always wait until after you go to broadcast to the world where you are.

I don’t quite leave yet, but I’m totally flustered preparing myself to go. What is it about Thailand and I suddenly don’t know how to pack my bags effectively anymore? And I’m forgetting important things like chargers and soap and the like. Clear sign that this vacation is much-needed despite my unhappiness about the impending night bus travel that’s going down. Shutter. And that whole bit about leaving my safe little site bubble that is always overwhelming due to costs and the Thai people that don’t see me except for big, white moneybags. Seeing a travel friend who is not PC and will be meeting teachers from her school, go-go extrovert go. This is when I stop questioning myself, pack my bags, and enjoy the first true vacation (I’m actually using my built up days here people!) in my Peace Corps service and pretty much the past year. Call me ‘Posh Corps’ but I’ll be pampering myself to National Parks, white sand beaches, and hot showers, thank you very much, so shove it.

Yes, I'm going back here, wouldn't you?

Ok, so this post didn’t really break any new ground. Mostly I want to say is don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for the week. Ok Gail Coop?


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