Friday Five

Podcasts or otherwise known as heaven while ‘transportating’ myself, I’ll be using these a lot on this upcoming trip to the south!

The New Yorker: The Political Scene
Little twenty bits of news and what the hell is going on in the world of politics lately. I like this because it’s just enough for me to understand the currents of the tidbits I hear in the news.

Do it.

This American Life
A little taste of anything and everything under the sun. The first one I heard was about the positives and negatives of gossip.  I was hooked. Given a topic, they tell a few different stories from different perspectives. Plus, there’s something about listening to a man with thick black glasses.

So nerdy, so awesome.

Travel with Rick Steves
To soothe my inner travel bug while I’m parked  in rural Thailand. While I’m not a huge proponent of traveling with a group on a tour and he’s mostly reports about Europe, but Rick Steves is a well-traveled American and is willing to try all kinds of different things and ways to see the world. It helps there was an episode about the Peace Corps in the sixties. Which leads me to…

Where will Rick podcast from next?

Stuff You Should Know
So many topics, so much to learn. I love this show. After ten years together, Josh and Chuck (I really feel like we’re on first name basis) have got this podcast thing down pat. They also just did a podcast about Peace Corps. They got a few things wrong, but it’s nice to be recognized by a set of guys I listen to all the time on the long bus rides or when I need to hear some English in the background. There’s an entire website supporting the podcasts with articles in case you want to learn more.

Go on, learn something!

Stuff Mom Never Told You
The female version of Stuff You Should Know. They’ve covered topics such as why women are so attracted to vampires, are the Nordic countries really that great for women, and if gender identity is really necessary for children to be taught rather than decided for themselves. This is just one of the many topics they have available on the website How Stuff Works and another podcast that I absolutely love.

Girl Power!

Any more suggestions of podcasts? I’d be glad to try something new!!!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Hi Erin,

    I’m from Group 124 and I’ve read your blog on the wiki site. I’m a podcast junky like yourself. If you haven’t listened to Radio Lab is a must for lover of this American Life. It’s like TAL with a science bend. Enjoy your tip. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in a few months

    • Awesome, thanks! I was never much for science in school, so this should be a much easier way to keep myself learning about all kinds of topics. See you in a few months, enjoy your last few at home. It’s going to fly by!

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