More Things About the Flooding

I would never post asking for money unless I believed completely in the cause. This is one of them. I mentioned the record flooding presently ravaging my beautiful Peace Corps host country in a previous post, but I forgot to mention to go into detail about something vastly more important. Ayutthaya, where I spent the first two and a half months in Thailand is one of the worst hit provinces in Thailand. Homes, places of work, and ancient sites have been totally destroyed. People are confined to their homes (second floor if they have one) unless they have a boat. There are talks that it will take months for the water to fully drain. In short, it’s looking bleak.

I've been here, this picture doesn't even compute properly into my memory

A UNESCO world heritage site

A Volunteer's house from my neighborhood, her house is up on a mini-hill/driveway off of the road and the water is still creeping up, the sad thing is, they're one of the lucky ones

To help our families, some of the Volunteers in my group have set up a website to make direct contributions to them. Any money raised will be split 66 ways and given to our families to help them rebuild their lives. This idea stemmed from the fact that we are not yet allowed to travel to Ayutthaya because of the dangers of getting in and out. When we can go, I can guarantee that a group will be going back to help our families in any way that we can.

My host parents

I would not have made it through PST without this woman

Can't you see the family resemblance?

They may not be your family, but they are mine. Please help any way that you can.


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