Your Thailand vs. My Thailand

Thai food is awesome. That is, when a good Thai cook is making it. My first two and a half months throughout training with my Ayutthaya Meh, I loved Thai food. She knew what I liked, what I abhorred, and mixed and matched from there. We compromised a lot and she made me try things I would have never eaten on my own, but ended up really enjoying them. Somehow I thought my good luck would continue when I got to site. I was wrong. A month in the village and my western taste buds kicked in and hated me for the plain rice and scrambled eggs I was being fed (because mostly everything else my new host family put on the table made me want to gag). If I lived in/closer to a city, I could do crazy things like eat this everyday (if I wanted to)…

I had lots of Hawaiian pizzas on vacation, you lucky farangs and ability to get them when ever the feeling strikes

instead, I get this…

This is what my host family wanted to feed can see the hot dog in my hand that I ate instead for rebellion

I want to reiterate, I love Thai food. Just as long as it’s made by a good cook, which you can typically find in cities, where I do not live.


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