Have You Sent Me a Postcard Yet?

Remember this post and I made a little request? Here’s a little reminder. The lovely bloggers at occamblade were so kind to send me this…

Sorry it's a little out of focus, my camera was being quite finicky, but Cape Cod is looking good from here

Also special shout outs to my cousin Jimmy and his awesome Bride to be, PIC Stephanya, and of course fellow Volunteer Tammy Kane for sending some my way. This is what my postcard wall looks like so far…

This is what my wall looks like so far, three of these I've bought for myself, pathetic I know.

Like I said, I’d love one from anywhere, anywhere I tell you! My gift back will be a blog dedicated to you. Who wouldn’t want a gift like that? Immortalized forever in the virtual world. That’s love.


2 thoughts on “Have You Sent Me a Postcard Yet?

  1. Aww. That’s sweet. I am writing a few post cards today to my family back home. I enjoy doing it especially for those that don’t use email and have no idea what facebook is 🙂
    Postcards are great!

    • I completely agree! I started collecting them on my travels through Europe, but I got this idea from another of my friends for a good and cheap decorating technique.

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