Friday Five

Five Other Blogs You Should Check Out

Babes in Thailand
Oh Dev. In training, I wasn’t sure what to think about the lone Indian (of the Asian variety, not the Native kind) in our group. Joining him and Jeff for lunch one day though and I knew this crazy brownie was going to be fun. Dev is ridiculously well-read and has a devilish way with words. Though a bit graphic, rare is the time that I’m not laughing out loud at a post from Babes in Thailand.

This is Dev after one of the speeches he made. Or as I like to think, this is the cat that got the cream and is just plain showing off now.

The Jackie Blog
Homegirl is writing a post a day for the past year. Wowza. If that’s not enough to catch your interest, she’s pretty fucking hilarious too. At least in the ‘my mind wanders down these crazy paths and I’m recording it for your entertainment’ kind of way. Just my type. She inspires me to keep writing as often as possible because you’re never quite sure what genius is going to come flying off of your fingers. I hope she continues again next year. Bonus points, she’s living and posting in Pittsburgh, PA, my hometown. Represent girl. Check Jackie out.

This is what thejackieblog has on her home page. Why? I don't know, but I've found that I don't need to either.

This is what my blog would look like if I were about twenty years older and a much better photographer. And probably a much nicer person too. Fellow Volunteer and one of my best buds here, Tammy is the optimist I wish I could be. Her blog is worth checking out for the mere photographic journey you’ll go on. Trust me on this one.

This is my Aunt Chris reincarnate, Tammy...yes this is our sense of humor.

Zen Habits
No, this isn’t exactly ohhhmmm stuff, but I think many would benefit from reading what this guy has to say. Zen habits is all about slowing down and enjoying your life, making it the best that it can be. And he practices what he preaches. My favorite thing I’ve taken from this blog is about productivity. Focusing on just one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking and the experience that you have with that one thing will be finished faster and more quality than if you were watching a movie, eating, and trying to work at the same time (like I usually do). I try to cut myself down to just two things at once now, baby steps, just like zen habits says.

This will be you after reading zen habits.

Sa-wat-dii From Thailand
I’ve posted some of my friend and fellow Volunteer, Jeff Jackson’s, writing before. Sometimes I wonder if a bit of me was born ten years before I was and in male form. We’re that similar.  I develop a lot of blog ideas from conversations I have with Jeff (more like when I rant and he says something funny and I think to myself, huh I should make this into a post) and he has plenty of good things posting himself. I’ve linked it before, here he is again.

I've posted this picture and will likely do so again. We have fun together.

These are a lot of Peace Corps blogs obviously, but what are you reading? I would love new suggestions of blogs about anything and everything. Seriously, I have the time. Send them my way.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Hey Fellow PCV, I’m currently serving in China. A group of PCV’s are coming down to Thailand in January. I was wondering if you had any insider travel tips for us. Thanks! And if you’re ever in China, you have a bed at my place!

    • Glad to hear some fellow PCVs are making the trip. Thailand has a little bit of everything, so it depends on what kind of trip you guys want to have and how long you’re going to be here. One thing I’ve heard that is awesome but haven’t gotten a chance to go yet is Khao Yai National Park. I think I’m going to go in December, but if you want, email me and I can give you a more detailed response.

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