Tuesday Travel Photo

Montmatre is my favorite piece in a little town known as Paris, France. I’ve been there exactly once, but that was more than enough time for me to fall properly in love with it. Trade secret:  I never liked Paris much until I took the time to visit the area that used to host the Moulin Rouge and Monet, Dali, Picasso, and van Gogh once frequented. Its bohemian attitude still lives on today despite that none of those artists could probably afford to live in this now fairly touristy area. With the return to my fashionista side though (details to follow), I can’t help but imagine myself strolling along the briskly chilly cafe riddled streets of Paris, doing a little people-watching, instead of being stared at chopped liver, and in a delectably autumn outfit. Sixteen more months, until then, c’est la vie!

Sacre Coeur lays at the peak of Montmatre and is quite worth the hike


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