Tuesday Travel Photo

Since I’m finding South-East Asia agreeable at the moment due to a lovely thing called ‘cold season’ I thought we should stick with this side of the world. I started my love affair with Asia with a trip to Mao’s homeland last year. Although I stuck mostly to major cities like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, I was surprised how much I liked China. On my next trip, I’d like to stretch my boundaries a bit now that I’m fluent in body languagese. On that list is Guilin in the south-east tip of the country. I’ve heard there’s fantastic climbing there, so I’d like to convince manfriend to accompany me while getting my mountain flying on (that’s a direct translation from Thai, how cool is that?). Getting in shape, enjoying more of Asia, maybe learning a little Chinese in between, with not so bad a background…I’d say that’s one hell of a Tuesday Travel Photo getaway.

Guilin, China... ok, you talked me into it


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