Your Thailand vs. My Thailand

Many young travelers know Thailand for its crazy party life. Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are all hots spots. One such fellow told me that I simply had to tap into the energy of the Phi-Phi evening activities or I wouldn’t have completely experienced Thailand. I laughed in his face. Granted, this was before I mentioned that I’m living in a village and can speak Thai, but it really cracks me up when farangs come to Thailand, party with other farangs, eat farang food, go shopping in a mega-mall in Bangkok and they spout off bits of advice like this. Needless to say, this is your idea of a dance party…

Courtesy of a bunch of drunk farangs

and this is mine…

Why yes I'm leading a parade dancing traditional Thai style for a monk ordination in the hottest month of the year, dripping sweat, wearing clothing covering everything in-between my knees and my shoulders, having my ears blasted out by the band behind me, not understanding anything that people were saying to me, and was continually groped by the old ladies in the crowd to keep dancing, but this isn't experiencing Thailand or anything


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