My Thailand vs. Your Thailand

Way back when, aka pre-Peace Corps life, I thought that when it was hot, it was totally suitable to wear the least amount of clothing possible. This seems like a perfectly sound theory until you move into the backwaters of Asia and you learn the rules of the playbook. For example, one would think in the hot humidity, an outfit such as this would seem appropriate…

My friends and I in our volatile youth: note shoulders are bared, legs above the knees exposed, and cleavage for those that have it is out... we're also tan, how strange

and then I learned better.

Now, I know how to dress properly in Asia and wear things like this when it's 100 degrees plus humidity... and this is actually on the slutty side, my shirt clings to my side a bit

I’m trying to salvage my fashion powers now, but it is difficult. There’s just not much to work with when you’re covering your body from mid-arm to knee-length in the tropics.


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