Welcome to the Christmas Blog

This is me getting ready for the holidays. No decorations in the village (I had a hard time explaining the light decorations that typically populate American cities and the Festival of Lights we have every year in my hometown), so here’s some red and green to get into the spirit. Also, something I wrote down after listening to Christmas Music while on the way to Korat this past weekend.

The Ironies of Listening To Christmas Music in Thailand
Listening to:
-White Christmas when driving through the rice fields
-Silent Night when Thai music and comedy shows are blasting so loud the bus is shaking and I can barely hear my music at full volume plugged into my ears
-Let it Snow. In Thailand. That’s all.
-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer when all I see is little brown faces peeking above their seats in front of me to catch a glimpse of me
-Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree when the only kind of trees in your area are palm and the like
-All I Want for Christmas is You and every person I could possibly sing that to is at least 100km away and on average a few thousand km away
-I’ll Be Home for Christmas and getting so homesick it’s hard to breathe

The first few made me chuckle and grin wryly, the last two made me choke up a bit. I still think I am where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. That might be the best Christmas present yet.


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