Learning About Each Other

and Thai animals getting to know me. I was set to kitten-sit for the morning for my host sister. This was the result.

She found her way on my lap desk/mini-table thing and was fascinated by my typing fingers.

But then decided that wasn't good enough, but my shoulder was

I'm a dog person, this has never happened to me before.

After clawing through my sweatshirt, she was ready for a cat nap... my bony shoulder could not have been comfortable

I was avoiding getting an animal of my own since I would only have to leave after my service was complete. This little ball of cuteness though is making me reevaluate that decision though. It was really nice to have another being in the place that is the farangland of my room. There’s talk amongst the host family of getting a second kitten so this one can have a friend. I’m in full support. As long as I can name it something I can actually pronounce.


2 thoughts on “Learning About Each Other

  1. Hi, just wondering how you like Thailand. Particularly the Peace Corp. I’m thinking of applying to go there. I’ve been to Thailand before so I have somewhat of an understanding of what it’s like, Just don’t know about the PC route. Cats are weird.

    • Applying to the Peace Corps is a long process (it took me over a year from start to finish) and you don’t get to choose what country you’ll be serving in. If you really like Thailand, I suggest finding a school here that needs/wants an English teacher. I was just really lucky that I was placed here. If Peace Corps is what you want to do, I encourage you to apply. It will change your life in more ways than I could ever explain.

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