Tuesday Travel Photo

Continuing on with the Christmas theme, we’re staying in Europe, Sweden particularly. My first visit to Sweden was quite the success and I fell in love with Stockholm. I think it was all the lions. Or maybe that it’s the setting for Stieg Larsson’s books. Or maybe that’s where Alexander Skarsgård was born and I can find his long-lost twin. I think it started young with the Kirsten Larson (last name coincidence? I think not), American girl doll character thing, and I had the little white St. Lucia outfit for real kids (the effect was kind of ruined because I had already outgrown the largest available size, making the dress that was supposed to be touching the ground hit about mid-calf). Google that shit.  A little piece of me still gets excited for Christmas scenes, hoping I can participate one day, in sleepy little towns like this one…

Can't you just see the town gathered around the tree in a circle holding hands, singing carols? I can.


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