Friday Five

My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken This Year

January 2011- Ayutthaya

The hammock is where I spent most of my Sundays

March 2011- Site

First month at site, I needed to get out of the house and this was one of the places my family would let me go without an escort

May 2011- Rai Lay

Rai Lay in May, I'd go back any day

July 2011- Reconnect Conference, Suphanburi

Reconnect Fourth of July celebrations marked the end of the 'loneliness at site' slump for me

October 2011- Surat Thani

Elephants Hills

Did you think I could let you go without any honorable mentions?

Tradition meets modern

Friends make you smile the biggest

The river in Phi Chit, tree next to the wat

Lanterns for the King's birthday celebration

Technology in the classroom, the first time my kids were this excited to learn with me

Sunset on the water, living on the water

Hiking up a big ole hill to see what this Buddha's view is like

Big tree, big wat, good photo

Flowers in front of the temple

This gal was to hit the ping-pong ball fifty yards with that soda bottle... Thai games

My Ayutthaya family's backyard

I've posted this photo before and I'll likely post it again


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