Charlie Brown, I Think My Tree Has Got Yours Beat

I thought today would be a lot harder than it was. I listened to Christmas music, opened my presents, and kept on smiling throughout.

Yeah, I'm not that great of an artist

Close up of the loot

I tried do curly hair, it didn't work

My favorite present, chocolate covered pretzels, they're gone already of course

I did all of this just fine, without really feeling anything. I was trying to avoid Thai craziness today. I risked some though walking into my host family’s kitchen to get the milk for breakfast. I almost made it out free until I felt my sister waddling behind me. As I opened the door to my room, she handed me this.

Count how many spelling mistakes you can find

Why yes, she wrote out the lyrics to Jingle Bells, the one Christmas song all Thai people seem to know, and drew me a picture- in case you were wondering, Santa has snacks for kids and a 'silver' bag and a 'gold' bag... not really sure why

She told me all the kids in the school made one for me. And then I lost it. I felt like the Grinch when his heart suddenly triples in size and suddenly Christmas is saved. Everything that was staying nicely corked up came gushing out when she walked away from my room. I wasn’t upset or homesick or anything, I don’t really know what I was/am. Just blah and wanted to stay at home in my room, but Thailand had other ideas.

My friends took me up into the mountains today to see a much touted waterfall (not too impressive), see the strawberry fields (in which all the goods had already been sold off), and to see the flowers- tulips, lilies, and poinsettias (most of which weren’t blooming anymore). Even though mostly everything was a fail, they managed to get a smile on my face no matter how hard I was trying to be a grinch. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Thailand has an interesting way of celebrating Christmas. Most people have heard of it, know some of the generalities about it, and I tried to expand some of that knowledge by teaching a Christmas lesson on Thursday. Thailand being what it is though, half of the class was gone and it was mostly chaos, so we ended up doing this…

My little fourth grade Christmas elves

So handsome aren't they?

Once again, Thailand takes care of me whether I like it or not. They drive me absolutely crazy, but I can’t help but smile while I’m tearing my hair out. I love this place from the bottom of my Grinch-sized heart. Sorry there’s not much to this post today, I just wanted to put out a little Christmas love to those that celebrate it even when living in countries that don’t or can’t do it in our style. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas all, and to all a good night.


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