Friday Five

Five Things I’ve Realized This Year

I like learning
Many days, mostly during finals week, I couldn’t wait to be done with school. Unlike most of my peers, I wasn’t really into living in the ‘college life’ forever. I couldn’t wait to be done with all the work. And then I started a big kid desk job until I was leaving for Thailand (I didn’t last long, 9-5 and I are not meant to be). This year, I’m really fortunate to have a job that I get to continue learning and experiencing things as part of my occupation. I’ve learned a new language, about a new culture and how to live in it, how to photograph that moment that becomes a memory, how to walk out of the house in more than just a ponytail or bun, and have started to get really interested in finding out more about fashion (and working that into the new place I’m living and working). My brain is a sponge that just won’t stop and I hope it never does.

But I still have a lot left to learn
This is my first real job that I could make a career out of if I wanted to. This is the longest period of time that I’ve been away from my family. This is the most out of touch I’ve been with my previous way of life and the people who populated it. And that’s a lot to figure out how to deal with. Sometimes I harp on myself for not pushing myself to achieve and do more, but twenty-three is pretty young, there are still a lot of things I need to do and live by myself. Like living in a country that doesn’t understand, nor does it want to, large parts of your culture and you have to decide which to hold on to and which to let go. The only way to learn is to get out there and do it, I’m responsible for my life education.

Time goes by really quickly
I used to view time given by the school terms I was in. When homework assignments are due, midterms, finals, and how soon it would be over so I could sleep. It dragged on. One of the congratulatory remarks Manfriend told me when I graduated from university was that time would start flying by and to make it count. This has been the year that’s been true the most for me. I really can’t believe how fast my time in Thailand has been flying off the calendar. Being busy doing the daily grind and suddenly it’s two weeks later and you forget what you’ve been up to. Not that my daily grind is really all that normal now that I think about it, but I like it anyway. I’m just glad I do this next thing to remember it all…

I really like writing
The first paper I truly enjoyed writing was my history major thesis titled ‘The Salem Witch Trials: An Oddity of Legal History.’ Yeah, I’m a nerd, I know. Putting the pieces together like a puzzle, writing that paper was one of the most satisfying things I did in my collegiate career. Now that I don’t have academic things to write, I’m nervous to do life things instead. Like, who wants to read about what I have to say about my life? The crazy thing is, there is. You, dear bloglettes, make this really enjoyable hobby even better because you do things like saying, yeah, I know what you mean, that sucks doesn’t it? Or hey, this is good enough to click the ‘Like’ button (come on, you know you want to). And my little hopes of a writing career start beating their wings carrying my imagination off into happy ever afters of traveling and telling people about it. Thanks for that, you’re too kind.

Living ‘the life’ is hard
After a semester abroad and meeting quite an important person, I decided that I wanted to live an extraordinary life. Not really sure how, I knew wanted to travel and see and experience, so I set out to do it. The thing no one tells you though is that for as amazing as it is, there are parts that are really quite glamorized and really suck sometimes. Like not seeing my family in a year and talking to my military brother yesterday for the first time since I left. Or getting eaten alive by the bugs that think they are more deserving of living in my room than I am. Or people laughing in my face just for existing/having size eleven feet. Or that not everyone is really that happy to have you around despite smiling at you. I do love my life and my ‘job,’ but it’s just not for the fainthearted. And that’s ok, because something else I realized, is that I can do pretty much anything. And that’s awesome.


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