Friday Five

My Five Resolutions for 2012– I realize this is a little later than it probably should be, but it’s my first real Friday Five of the New Year.

Write More
Does this go without saying? I talk about it enough. Malcolm Gladwell discusses in his book Tipping Point the need of 10,000 hours of practice before one can consider themselves a master of their given subject. I’ve recently started to take this, writing constantly and consistently, much more seriously and have made a goal with myself to try to write at least a page in my journal every day. I started doing this at the end of 2011 to finish off that book before the end of the year. I didn’t get it in time, but I haven’t missed a day of writing yet in 2012. Ask me again in March and this might be another story. Anytime I need inspiration though, I look to thejackieblog who magicked something to publish every day in 2011. Every. Single. Day.

Learn More
About: life, Thailand, myself, fashion, hair, politics, youtube, culture, Thai people, relationships, living alone, sharing my life with people, my friends, my enemies, people I haven’t met yet, a new language, learning to be uncomfortable and thriving in it, music, the world… a stagnant brain is never a good thing.

Love More
I’m at the point in my service that the fun cultural surprises aren’t quite so ‘fun’ or surprising anymore. I can be a little too jaded about things in Thailand and I want to change that. I want to stop complaining as much and smile more. I want to bite my tongue and nod my head in understanding more. I want to appreciate what I have here in my life in Thailand and being a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Work Harder
Peace Corps Thailand Volunteers are extremely susceptible to getting swept up in the laid back lifestyle here. It’s part of the adjustment process. But sometimes, we can get by on doing very little actual work, sometimes due to sites, sometimes because of apathy on our part. I don’t want to let myself fall into that trap. There is more to Peace Corps than the first goal and I can do that whether or not school is in meetings, having sports day, or just not teaching for any reason. It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s not easy to find yourself work here. This is my year to do that.

Take More Risks
Part of working harder is willing to push myself more and trying new things. I took it easy on myself in 2011 because I knew it was going to be a pretty arduous year already. This year though, I think I might try that food dish that looks like it has way too many peppers in it. And agreeing to that seemingly crazy idea from my Thai people. And make myself do yoga three times a week. Or maybe start a yoga club at school. Or allow myself to get Thainapped more. By taking a leaf from Jim Carrey’s character in ‘Yes Man’ I think I’ll be able to get the most out of my experience in Thailand. For better or worse.


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