Peace Corps Thailand: A Sector Overview

In my time in Bangkok, I met some medical evacuated Volunteers from different countries (Bangkok is a hub for Eastern Europe and Asia). Over the course of our chats, we talked about the different ‘sectors’ in our respective countries and explained what they did. There is a lot of overlap, like with education (Peace Corps’ largest sector) and community development. I thought it might be easier to explain via video rather than words what our ‘technical’ aspects are in Peace Corps Thailand.

This is my first video recorded that I was not at my old site.


2 thoughts on “Peace Corps Thailand: A Sector Overview

  1. Erin,
    It is so great to hear your voice and get a little taste of your personality. It sounds as though things are beginning to look up once again. That is great to hear. The experience and lessons you are learning and gain will only benefit you for years to come. This opportunity will allow you to look back and realize all you have accomplished and know things can always be worse. I miss you so much cuzo! I can’t wait for your travel home whenever that will be. Please let me know if there is any thing you need that Joanna and I can send you. Oh speaking of sending you things, do you have a new address yet? We have sent a few post cards here and there but I’m not sure if you have received them or not. Get back to me whenever time allows but most of all, enjoy your time and be safe.

    Love your cousin Jimmy

    • Thanks for the love on the video. It was quite a low for me being moved out of my community, but I had my first ‘real’ lesson at my new school today and I think I can make more of an impact at this school alone than two years at my other two schools. I did get the postcards you sent from Alabama and Pittsburgh, but none of the other ones. My new address is

      หมู่ 1 หนองสองห้อง
      ต. เมยวดี
      อ. เมยวดี
      ร้อยเอ็ด 45250

      Let me know if you want it in English letters too. I figure the mail system is already tired enough without having to read roman lettering. As for things to send me, two things I can not find anywhere here that I’m dying for: ranch dressing and alfredo cheese sauce, do they even have those in jars in America?I can’t tell you how much I miss cheese and chocolate. And pretzels. Gosh that sounds really good right now. I’m so excited for your and Joanna’s impending wedding and I so, so, so wish I could be there. There are times that I wish I could blink and show up anywhere I want. Sigh. Until 2013 then…

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