Tuesday Travel Photo

I was Thai-napped by some of my Ban Rai people to check out what the province of Loei had to offer and I loved it. Advertised as the new Pai (a smallish hippy town in Northern Thailand), Chiang Kan is a place well worth your time if you’re on your way to Laos and again, not worried about getting off the beaten trail a bit. Not that the area isn’t touristy, because it is, but it’s cheesy enough without hampering some of the really cool shops in the area (I got a pair of ‘fishermen’ pants that are hot pink, yellow, and green that read boom across the bum, handmade, I’m in love). I definitely saw more Thai tourists than farang ones, but it wasn’t a big deal that I was there either. Beautiful viewpoints, pretty decent shopping, and this time of year is fantastic weather. Do it, you know you want to.

A photo of my own making, just across that river are the mountains of Laos, purty eh?


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