Top Ten Thai Parenting Tips

Jeff just mentioned a new blog to me titled No Shit, It’s Hot. Not sure how this guy (though I’m not sure it’s a guy, it just ‘sounds’ like it is) is related to Thailand and how long he’s been here, but he makes observations about Thailand and Thai culture that keep me giggling. I feel like I would be friends with him. This is my favorite so far, ‘Top Ten Thai Parenting Tips’.

#10 – To save your valuable morning time, let your ten-year old take your motorcycle so he can drive himself and his 3 little brothers to school

#9 – Be sure you share an ample supply of ghost stories with your young child; this will insure that you have a steady bedmate until he is at least 18

#8 – The best way to foster your child’s independence is to carry him in your arms for the first 3 years of his life. Then, when he’s ready (3 ½ -years-old), just plop him without a helmet on the back of a motorcycle and let the natural lessons of life guide the way

#7 – If your little angel screams at the top of his lungs too much, bribing him or giving him what he wants is a great way to shut him up

#6 – If you’re worried that the standard 5 plates of rice are not enough, be sure to give your child money and free rein to buy whatever sugar-clogged snacks he wants at the local market

#5 – Spanking and hitting is often the only necessary means of communication between you and your child

#4 – It’s important to remember that YOU are the parent. Therefore be careful not to let your little guy do any work around the house like cleaning, washing, dressing himself, or generally helping in any way. That’s Parent work.

#3 – Requiring your 7-year-old daughter to wash the family’s laundry, whilst your 6-year-old boy waves his penis around the back yard is a great way to prepare your children for their future social roles.

#2 – Be sure to verbally and publicly point out your impressionable teenage daughter’s flaws. This will insure that you are always the prettiest one at the party.

#1 – If you are tired of it all, just give up and let grandma raise him.

 Really though, check out the whole blog here.

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