Friday Five

Five Freedoms from Living Alone
It has its ups and its downs, but these are my favorites about living completely and utterly alone.

Food Freedom 
Drinking out of the bottle without a straw, candy eating, odd timing… and it feels so good.

Sleep Freedom 
I can go to sleep at midnight, wake up late (on a non-school day, late = 8 AM), and take naps and no one is around to call me lazy.

Conversation Freedom
This has been my favorite so far. I’ve visited my host family (ies) and really enjoyed it, but went home when I wanted. I chat with the ladies next door, but then cocoon when I’m ready to get back to my crafts. It might be small, but it sure feels big.

Hobby Freedom
Whether it’s pretend slaying orcs, trying new hairstyles, or my newest DIY jewelry obsession, I love that I can do this to my heart’s content without people watching over my shoulder or having to worry about making a mess. And, I can just leave things out until I’m ready to pick them back up again. I love being messy. Sorry Mom.

Hygiene Freedom
Ok, this one might sound weird. I come from America with the typical one shower a day policy (and sometimes going a day without, gasp!) and that is simply not sufficient for Thais. You’re supposed to shower in the morning when you wake up before leaving the house (despite the sweaty bike ride), maybe an afternoon refresher on your extended lunch break (despite your teaching/work schedule), and again before bed (can’t argue there). I remember my host mother in Ayutthaya chasing me one morning until I ‘showered’ (aka I faked it). Now that it’s March, I have creeped up to two a day, but it’s on my terms. And that’s the best part.

BTW, really, really into my crafting lately. Total new obsession, if only I could combine it with LOTR.


One thought on “Friday Five

  1. I’m agreeing with you on the mandatory shower vibe: at a 3 day retreat with my co-teacher she was not satisfied that I’d showered since I was back so soon so she grabbed my arm to check and see if it was soggy enough. Yipes.
    Enjoying your blog posts! Thanks for giving voice to our experiences and also to giving us insights into your own delightful self!

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