You’re Killing Me Smalls

The ‘Smalls’ of Thailand is, of course, the bug population. Many Peace Corps Volunteers are placed in countries with nasty critters of which we have no previous experience with and end up with interesting rashes and mysterious illnesses to prove it. I used to have beautiful, long, bump-free legs. Then I came to Thailand and the insects decided to make me their constant and consistent feast. This is what they look like now on a fairly regular basis.

Red Bumps. Sexy eh?

For some reason though, this week I’ve been hit from all angles. I’ve had all of these next bites/dermatological issues the past week alone. I decided I would capture my skin enigmas to give a better idea of what PCVs are up against.

This was the size of my palm. I had two on my left leg.

This was the first look that I had of my lip. I thought I bit it myself. Nope.

You wanted a close-up right?

My most recent ass-whopping.

Skin problems are the biggest issue for PCVs in Thailand according to our Medical unit and you can see why. I’m pretty sure ants caused all my misfortunes this week, but you can never be sure in this country. I will say insects seem to like my skin and blood more than most people and we’re pretty sure I have some kind of allergy, but there’s nothing I can really do about it. So I’m in a little itching misery as of late. And a bit of a hot mess. More than usual at least. Rawr.


One thought on “You’re Killing Me Smalls

  1. hey! i have the same red bumps on my leg that itch like crazy! i had them before but went away the next day and my doctor said it was an allergic reaction but getting them twice? have you found out what it is? i have them right now, hopefully they are gone tomorrow! also hope you were/are feeling better

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