From This Day Forward

This is a little weird to think about. I had my last March 20th in Thailand. In exactly one year (give or take a day for scheduling), I’ll be done with Peace Corps. Finished, ended, completed, concluded, terminated, set freaking laao. I’m excited for that day, but oddly mournful too.

There are times that the two years (three months) of Peace Corps feels like an endless amount of time. You’re at the bottom of a mountain and your neck is craned to look straight up. I felt like it would be forever until I’d see my family and friends again. And it was always so freaking hot all the time.

This year has flown by in the time space continuum that is the endless summer of Thailand. I’m fairly sure the next one will be just like it. So I set these benchmarks for myself to look back over what I’ve accomplished and experienced in the past year and to make the most of the small amount of time I have left. I’m starting to see the faint light of post-PC world at the end of the tunnel.

Besides, anytime I get frustrated, I can always say, this is my last (insert date) as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Peace Corps swearing-in with the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand. This happened one year ago today. Rawr.


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