I’m a Serial Killer

I have the same MO. My type is small, black (but I don’t rule out red), and hurtful. I usually take care of them in the same location, the sink. I like to stick to drownation, but I’m not opposed to smashing or stomping when appropriate or necessary. I feel absolutely no remorse. My victims deserve it, stealing stores of delicious human food. And for just existing. They attack when I least expect it. I find genocide is my only way of properly defending my farangdom. Insert evil maniacal laughter.

Yes, this is another post about ants. Seriously, they’re assholes.

The unsuspecting victims

The black spots are drowned ants. Rawr.

Close up

Like that yogurt huh?

Me too.

I’ll try to lay off the insect posts, but you know what they say: confession is good for the soul.


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