TYT Wants You!

Ok, I can’t take credit for anything that went on in this video. I’m not on the Thai Youth Theater committee, I didn’t bring a group to the performance, and to be honest, I was totally uninterested when I first heard about this Peace Corps group. Boy has my mind been changed.

The group, TYT for short, take groups of interested kids and they choose an act to perform at the yearly conference. It can be a fairly tale, a contemporary story (Harry Potter is always popular), or translate a Thai folk song. That’s the catch, it’s in English. This scares some kids off, but many thrive in this non-traditional learning setting. I’ve heard multiple Volunteers say it was the highlight of their service and another mentioned he knew many of the kids from his group were avoiding drugs by coming in every day to practice.

This video is some highlights of this year’s conference. I’m definitely hoping to get my students motivated to do something like this or help out at next year’s gathering.

Seriously, it makes me tear up every time seeing Thai kids so involved.


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