Friday Five

Five Essentials to Hot Season
April is Thailand’s hottest month on average. No where in my village has air conditioning, even my school. This. Is. Torture. In case you’re ever making your way to Thailand in the hot season, here are a few ways I try to make it through.

My Fan
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where I am in my house.

This goes with me everywhere I go.

Shower Flower Power
Yeah, I’m up to three showers a day now. It’s my favorite part(s) of the day.

I really wish I could exist underneath that stream of water.

Prickly Heat
After a shower, the godsend known as Prickly Heat cooling powder is applied until your skin it is about three shades lighter than usual. Then enjoy the sensation of not wanting to suffocate from the combined heat and humidity for ten minutes. This is best accomplished when sitting in front of the fan.

As if I really needed to get whiter

Thailand is a country that if you’re not drinking enough water, your body is going to poop out on you and fast.

Missing two of my big bottles out of here.

Need to Move Basis Only
Last April I was still gung-ho about biking around and exploring my village, IRBing as much as possible. What a fool I was. Now, moving from my bedroom to the kitchen for lunch seems like too much of an effort until my stomach turns on me and starts eating itself. It’s easy to see why hammocks are so popular in this country.

This is where my bike is parked until the end of hot season


2 thoughts on “Friday Five

    • You’ve got a point, I remember a time I didn’t like cold and wet, but would kill for it now. You probably feel the same about the heat here! Cheers!

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