Fifty Acts for Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth day and the members of our environmental group, ROOT, have passed around these ideas of things to do in order to celebrate. The Thais are not the most environmentally conscious with burning trash, overloading on plastic bags, and minimal recycling, so that’s why we try to get the word out  Some items on the list are obviously far more Peace Corps Thailand related, but I thought I would share some of the ideas that are easily done for one day to honor our planet, wherever you are.

Pick up trash
Start a compost pile
Make an art project from recycled materials
Plant your PC seeds
Introduce yourself to the local recycler
Teach an English lesson using environment focused words
Environmental Scavenger Hunt
Unplug for the afternoon
Refuse a car ride, take your bike
Bring your own mug when you buy coffee
Teach an environment song or poem
Make an environment sign and hang it on your house
Visit the market with a reusable bag
Just say “Mai sai tuung” (like saying no bag necessary)
Start separating your recyclables
Ask your school or SAO what they do for the environment every year
Execute an environment survey
Start a Greenroof Campaign
Host a screening of “Story of Stuff”
Teach about Earth Day
Hug a tree and explain why
Go bird watching
Pick up a book instead of your computer
Lead a bicycle tour
Reuse your paper
Make your own paper
Use Tupperware instead of plastic
Sell your recyclables
Start recycling in your home
Make your house cleaner
Count how many homes in your village recycle
Visit a recycling plant or garbage dump
Tweet an environmental statistic
Watch an environmental-themed movie
Blog about the environment in Thailand
Write a letter to WWS kids about the environment
Build a Bio-gas contraption
Pick up animal poop for your compost pile
Get your cat or dog spayed or neutered
Collect your plastic bags and mail them to Erica (she does projects with her women’s group and crochet plastic bags to make tote bags)
Join another PCVs Earth Day Event
Build an Ovitrap
Try to find 1 thing in your home that can be replaced with an organic alternative
Spend the day, zero waste
Plant a tree
Crochet a pocketbook out of plastic bags
Buy a reusable water bottle (BPA-free)
Think before you buy
Go a day without the air conditioner
Spend a day with a local farmer
Don’t cook for a day, eat with your host family
Meditate in the middle of a rice field

I plan on cutting my normal computer usage down by half and opting to read a book and hang out with the ladies next door in the hammock. What are you doing for Earth Day?


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