Friday Five

Five Reasons being a Peace Corps Volunteer is the best job ever

Does this really need explanation? I mean, I know I live in a rural village, but all kinds of beautiful landscapes are available to me on a daily (or easy vacation) basis. Peace Corps Volunteers can say, why yes, that country you’ve only heard of in geography class, I lived there, worked there, spoke the language, made friends, and I kick ass. Or maybe I’m the only one that says that last part.

Village life can be slowwwwwww. It drives me crazy a lot of the time, but it’s definitely changed how I react to unexpected things. If someone stops by to chat or Thainap me, I don’t mind much, I can just do what ever they interrupted later because let’s face it, post-PST, I’ve never had so much free time in my life (at night).

Unlimited Sick Days
And we need them. There are times that I’ve had a minor cough I didn’t think was a big deal. It turned out to be a month-long respiratory infection that at times, knocked me off my feet. Volunteers are encouraged to take it easy when feeling a little under the weather as  encounter some pretty nasty illnesses here and most have their ‘really sick’ story. Jeff just got over his double pneumonia and infection in the lungs. One guy in my group literally cannot remember three days of his life due to Dengue. Luckily we have phenomenal health care as PCVs and the option of internationally known hospitals in Bangkok. And we can take a day off whenever it’s needed.

The very basis of Peace Corps is to make the world a better place. Who isn’t going to wake up sunny and bright when that’s a main tenet of their job description? There are many days I’m not quite little Miss Sunshine, but at the end of the day, I know my work might bring some rays down on someone.

It takes a certain kind of person to be a Peace Corps Volunteer.  And that type is usually pretty awesome. My fellow Volunteers range from late sixties to early twenties and it’s like one big extended family. The people in your group are your lifesavers when things aren’t going well and your biggest cheerleaders when things are. I’m so glad to have had this experience to have the pleasure of working with such wonderful people.


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