Friday Five

With the first day of school this past week, Five Times it Sucks to be a Teacher popped into my head

Waking up for the Second Day of School
After a summer break of sleeping in and lazing around with your homedogs, you’re temporarily filled with enthusiasm and excitement that help spring you out of bed ready to spread sunshine and sparkles everywhere. The second day of school when your alarm goes off, it looks like someone roused the troll from under the bridge. And it’s hungry.

The Moment You Realize Your Students Did Not Retain 99% of Last Year’s Material…
And they look at you like this…

She’s cute, but scratching her head thinking ‘wtf is this farang talking about?’

 The Night Students Take a Test…
And you’re there grading all those papers wondering where you went so wrong.

When You Realize After the Tenth Time Explaining Something…
And only half of the kids are still trying to understand, but only half of that number actually do.

Watching the Students that try so hard…
And wishing so much there was more that you could do. You never give up and they don’t either, but they never quite ‘get it’ as much as the smart kids.


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