Friday Five

Five Ways Thailand is Slowly Killing Me

If this didn’t drive me crazy before, it’s really pushing me closer to the brink than ever before. I realize that life is mostly unfair, but the idea that it is reinforced by the system of society and culture rather than trying to make things equal can be suffocating. The older (some) people are, the more they seem to not consider what is convenient and considerate for both my coteacher and myself. This past month, we’ve been taken advantage of by those older and in higher positions and there’s nothing we can do about it. That we’re even considering it wrong, thinking of ourselves and our own responsibilities isn’t exactly smiled upon. Unless it’s the fake ‘Land of Smiles’ grin, then it’s plastered on.

Kids under the age of ten are not my specialty. When I see a newborn, I feel no aches to hold said child, but the distrust of something that has no noise control. Until someone can reasonably express their desires, opinions, think for themselves, and empathize for another person’s situation, I’m generally not a fan. And when these kids see me, they usually scream farang, giggle, and run away from me. I don’t feel like a sluggish brute at all when this happens.

Surprise Events
Today rounded off what I hope is the end of special and surprise events that have plagued me all of June. My coteacher and I were informed yesterday that we would be the only two trainers in a speech session for the education service area office. I tried to get us out of it, but they had already invited the big, big boss, so it would be major face breakage to even say anything but ‘I can’t wait to teach you'(r lazy government bureaucrat asses). I really needed today to recover, but Thailand had other plans for me, taking away my ability to say no.

The mouse kept me up for two hours last night. This is before the free English tutoring I was forced into. I was more than a little grumpy this morning. Also, there are ants in my refrigerator. Who loves rainy season?

Watching multiple spoonfuls of sugar getting dumped into something as simple as fried rice makes my veins and arteries slowly but surely seize up me. Or at least it feels that way. Maybe all of the deceptively spicy food is cleaning my system, that is if I can swallow without choking. Apparently it’s quite humorous to watch me take a huge bite of something, then sputter and fight for air as the food lights a fire as it slowly crawls down my throat. What comes out the other side though is the most unfortunate part as you can be sitting peacefully talking to your brother in Kuwait one minute, the next having to run off camera for an emergency extraction.

The most absurd part though is despite these things, I only love Thailand more every day. 


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