Happy Birthday America!

This year’s celebration of America’s birth is quite tame compared to last year. This time last year, Thailand 123 were gathered for the Reconnect conference. They were given the green light for a small celebration for the Fourth of July. All had an obscene amount of fun. This is what happened.

Dancing Pilgrims

‘Auntie’ Sam

I think they were Seamen?

Rosie the Riveter led the Gay Pride Group

Paul Revere came running to let the Thais know the Americans were coming

An American flag of cupcakes… need I say more?

Abe Lincoln was given a sparkler

We spread our culture and peace at the same time. Shocker.

The whole gang of paraders

What’s the Fourth of July without a little baseball… and PCVs acting scenes out?

We even had a Sparkle Pants something or other beauty pageant, Margie won.

This celebration with my fellow PCVs was awesome, but I think next year I’ll be content to have a good old-fashioned family barbecue with my army brother and my Momma bear.


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