I’m a Proud Mama

For my birthday, I like to treat myself. Usually several times over. At surviving nearly a quarter century and another eight months left in Thailand, I thought it was prudent to get myself a readin’ machine. Or in other words, a Kindle.

It’s cheaper if you buy the kind that displays advertisements instead of the different backgrounds as in old Kindles. I don’t really notice the ads at all.

Before I came to Thailand, I decided to invest in an Ipod Touch instead of a Kindle because I thought it was more functional. Not only could I install the Kindle app on to the Touch, but I could use the internet, listen to music, and more. I’m really glad that I did purchase it and have read quite a few books on it. Especially at meetings conducted in Thai where I could just slip it out of my purse (and people think I’m on my phone, a more accepted form of distraction for Thais).

What the world looks like from a Kindle

However it was after hanging out with some voracious readers in Chiang Mai that I realized reading on the Itouch was slowing me down from devouring new titles and something had to be done about it. Since I couldn’t expect Laurie Ann West Memorial Library to start shipping books to rural Thailand, I decided to go the route of my fellow PCVs and buy myself a Kindle for my 24th birthday.

It’s a lot smaller than I was expecting

Now that things have finally slowed down, I can satisfy my itch to read now that I’ve finally received my long-awaited Kindle, sent in my most recent care package from Amurigah. Just in the nick of time, right before I start vacation and traveling. So far I’ve only read a few short stories on it (the original Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella) because of my busy schedule, but I know this week I’ll be diving into my first long-term e-bibliophile relationship.

I also made myself this cover to indulge my DIY urges. Can you recognize the pattern on the fabric?



Standing up on its own

I realize the case looks far from professional, but it makes me a little prouder to pick up my Kindle knowing that I didn’t pay $30 for an outer shell. And if you guessed my sheets as the pattern, you are correct. In every set of Thai sheets comes cases for two head and two body pillows. I decided I wouldn’t buy the body pillows leaving the extra cases to use for material in my little projects. Making the case was incredibly easy only needing some fabric, cardboard, elastic, some fabric glue, and maybe an hour of your life.

I’m off to finish Alice in Wonderland

I’m really glad I bought a Kindle. It’s really easy to use and made it possible for me to enjoy reading again, even in the middle of rural Thailand. I can’t wait to start a long novel again.

For some ideas on how to make a Kindle case, here are some of the ones I looked at:


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