Let’s Check Out Paradise

Finally, the recap video of the fantastical Koh Chang! Such a short time there, I wish we had scheduled a few more days. Koh Chang has it all with plenty of restaurants, shops, and natural attractions to keep you busy or taking a load off beach side. It’s a nice alternative if you don’t have time to go down to famed beaches of the south (fewer people too!). I’m hoping to go back and take in a yoga weekend and a trek into the jungle. Here is a small piece of my experience.


One thought on “Let’s Check Out Paradise

  1. Loved watching your video! I was just in Koh Chang (first time in Thailand at all) and loved it! Now that I’m back in cold cold Germany (I’m an American expat who lives abroad over here) I enjoy watching videos of my recent vacation destination and reliving it a little bit. It’s also really interesting to hear what someone else thought of the place from their point of view! I made some videos too, but all shorter than yours. Thanks for the overview! Can’t wait to go back one day 😀

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