Friday Five

Five Things I’ve Done This Week Instead of Teaching– For some reason, the stars aligned with events and activities that I don’t think I taught more than two hours this week. This is what’s been happening instead.

Go-go Self-Sufficiently Economy
Monday, fifth and sixth graders were requested to join in the celebration for the King’s projects in a self-sufficiently economy at my district area high school. I’m still not really sure what that means. There were a ton of displays and over a thousand students from around our area. It was huge. They went ape-shit over break dancers. I couldn’t really work out why ‘B-boys’ were there, but the screaming was incessant nonetheless.

One of the older kids giving a presentation to our students

Plant Trees
Some government organization chose our school to plant trees in celebration of the Queen’s upcoming birthday (ie Mother’s Day). Apparently, there’s going to be 80 million trees planted before the 12th, in order to wish her majesty an easy journey to 80. This is what my coteacher told me anyway. I was really excited that a project like this was dropped into my school’s lap. And then I saw the size of the tree.

Can you even see it from here?

Mother’s Day
For some reason, this holiday always has me leaking buckets of tears out of my eyes. I don’t know if I get sad seeing so many kids without mothers or just the pure displays of love on everyone’s faces that just makes me go weak in the eye socket, but it always gets me. I just wish there was a national holiday for my birthday. May 20th, universal Awesome Day anyone?

I’m sure my Mom wouldn’t have minded if I bowed down to her feet on occasion

Playing Uno
I heard from past PCVs that Uno is quite a popular game to bring from America. I didn’t even have to do anything but place the deck of cards on my desk before students were clamoring around to ask what I had. Now they’re completely obsessed and ask me everyday if we can play after lunch, during lessons, and after school. They know a few new words (skip, draw two, reverse… I feel like these words are carved into my brain now) and had some fun doing it too. Boys even join in some days. And learned their first Spanish word to boot!

Some of the usual Uno culprits

Preparing for these Events
The time needed to write the paperwork, hang the signs, and buy the snacks can often take hours out of the school day and we had multiple events this week, so you can guess how much havoc the preparation alone had on the school schedule this week. My kids would be called out of class to set up chairs as my coteacher typed up this award and filled out that form. There’s never much for me to do during this time, but a lot for the other teachers, so I usually end up playing Uno with my fourth graders to keep them entertained after completing the necessary part of our duties. Let’s just say there was a lot of Uno this week.


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