Small Accomplishments

This is more of a personal accomplishment rather than one in my community, but I’m proud nonetheless. Remember this little New Year’s resolution about keeping up in my journal, one page a day? Well, I kept it (mostly, I only missed three days, I think, this year so far) and I’ve done something I’ve never done before.

My first PC journal

I’m sort of a notebook nerd. Back to school sales and school shopping is my favorite time of year (despite having graduated from academia three years ago). I’ve never been able to finish an entire notebook full of journaling before my eye has caught the eye of another. The problem was, I would go on a burst of writing, going for two or three weeks of solid chronicling before something coming up and I would go for months without an entry. Later I would start afresh with a new notebook, promising myself to get through this one.

I’m happy to say that I’ve broken my bad habit by expecting a new one from myself. Now I’ve filled not just one, but two entire notebooks of my thoughts, frustrations, doodles, and dreams. It’s amazing to see time and my growth as a person in such a literal way, as pages in my journal. I find myself remembering things better and having it on paper when I can’t. Going through the last twenty months made me shake my head, laugh out loud, and realize how far I’ve come on this crazy journey in Peace Corps Thailand. I’m really glad to have recorded it thus far, both in print and with this blog. It forces me to realize how important writing is to me as a person and for other people to write down their own story to share.

First two full already, on to #3!

I’m starting my third journal now and I’m considering upping myself to two pages of day, but worry about slipping into a quantity over quality of my entries. I worried about that with my one page goal and while I’m sure there were some days that didn’t need to be recorded (ex. man I hate doing laundry by hand, I can’t wait for cheese to be in my daily life again), but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. I hope one day to publish something, anything and see my name in print. Practice makes perfect right?


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