School Break ‘Projects’

I’ve written previously how much my students and their friends enjoy coming to my house for visits. Now that midterm break is upon us, interested parties show up on occasion and this past Saturday was no exception. A couple of gals showed up to give me chocolate (bonus!) and sat on my porch to make lotus flower offerings to the Buddha. I sat with them reading on my Kindle and they interrupted me with an idea.

My fish pond was looking a little worse for wear in the algae department. The girls decided the fish were desperate for a clean home and they were determined to give it to them. Being fairly experienced in the ‘ambitious ideas without much follow through’ department, I told them to go right ahead, holding my doubts to myself and continued reading. To my utter surprise though, they chugged right along through emptying the pond, scrubbing, rinsing, cleaning the fish, and refilling it back up again. Somewhere along the way I started helping. And taking pictures.

The ‘before’ picture, the water is so green it almost looked solid up close

The three of us dumped water using the small buckets normally reserved with toilet flushing

Up close and personal with the algae

I think the part they liked the most was ‘catching’ the fish

Getting down into it

They had no problem manhandling these slippery little creatures into cleanliness… I did

The finished product!

It’s so nice to sit on my porch and actually be able to watch the fish now, so I’m really, really glad I gave in to their idea of a project instead of sitting by myself reading my book. Being this far in, America being only a few months away, I need days like this one to remind me why I do love the randomness of Thailand and make me less of a PCV grump. This is not something I would have wanted to do on my precious weekends during school and I wonder if my girls felt this way too. Either way, I thought this made a perfect example of the phrase ‘many hands make light work.’ And kind of fun too actually. Who’d have known?


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