My Thai Kitchen

Going through some of my older videos on youtube, I watched the house tour one to see how I changed things since the first few months I moved in. Some furniture rearrangements have occurred, but the main difference I wanted to point out is the change in my cooking habits/situation.

I was avoiding getting a huge gas tank/wok combination because I honestly didn’t think that I would use it that much given that I am, in every sense of the word, a beginner when it comes to cooking and more refined tastes. But then again I had no way to heat or cook anything and a girl can eat peanut butter sandwiches before craving some changes. Enter Jeff Jackson.

Now I’m not just talking about the creative dishes he’s provided for me when I go to visit (he has an actual gas tank), but he literally gave me the power to do them. In the form of this electronic, one heat setting (scalding), mini-wok, thing.

Nearly perfect for the SWF.

Sort of burned the bottom one time when I was trying to ‘toast’ bread… it didn’t work out.

I started with some very basics that I already knew, but a combination of taste bud boredom, general displeasure with some weight I’ve put on in Thailand (mostly due to lack of exercise and eating crappy foods so I wouldn’t have to cook) and seeing Jeff’s nightly special, I decided to get chopping, though that even started off a bit rocky as the first casualty in my right index finger happened the night out of the gate.

I am proud of my new dedication to cooking (well, no longer extreme aversion) and decided to do a little mini-series called ‘My Thai Kitchen’ sharing what I’ve tried and succeeded with, both ‘Thai’ and ‘American’ dishes. Those are in quotes because I do not cook like a Thai person (they have reminded me many times how I’m doing it ‘wrong’) and sometimes I have to be a little creative in the ingredients for foods from home. Anytime I want something remotely American, I usually have to go to the provincial city or wait for a trip to one of the bigger cities (Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai) for some harder to find things.

Any suggestions for me are very welcome as I am a novice at cooking. Stay tuned for the first part!


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