Mail, Care Packages, and Cravings

One of the best things a Volunteer can receive from home, a care package full of foods they crave while out in the jungle. I decided to show what came in my recent box of America to give some ideas of what is good to send given that as my Mom and I have nearly two years experience doing this.

Basic Overview:
*USPS flat rate boxes tend to be cheapest to send international packages if you’re sending more than a few pounds of something
*Sending things through FedEx or UPS can often have heavy extra charges in taxes/fees once they actually arrive
*Expect a 10-14 day wait for something to arrive in Thailand and oftentimes can get lost or stuck in customs
* Thailand is HOT so things will melt on their way here, not that it really matters to a Volunteer, but to try to combat this, we tend to get the ‘fun size’ package of things to contain overflow so you don’t pull out a big lump of something- smaller things like M&M’s and Reeses’ Pieces have held up relatively well- it’s also easier to share with friends at site!
*Homemade things in Ziploc bags do surprisingly well too


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